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Business Management, A.S. Career/Tech

Associate of Science Career/Tech

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2 years


Vincennes Campus



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Available on the Vincennes and Jasper campuses

No matter what company or business students might pursue, the theories and concepts of management are the same.  Managers coordinate limited resources to work efficiently and effectively to accomplish the goals of the organization.  Students learn the basics of management and are equipped to lead teams, projects or departments in many organizations and industries.


Business Management 5360, A.S. Career/Tech

This program prepares students for a variety of entry-level positions in the field of office administration, sales, retailing, materials distribution, finance, small business operations and so much more. In addition, most of the courses are designed to assist the employed persons in upgrading their skills. The curriculum includes several basic subject areas such as accounting, economics, management, labor relations, marketing and computer skills. The development of managerial skills useful in a  variety of job situations is emphasized.

Concentration in Finances is Available on the Jasper campuses and through Distance Education

The Vincennes Business Management Department will educate you in:

Theories of Management Concepts of Salesmanship
Principles of Marketing Knowledge of Business Finance
Basics of Accounting Role of Computers in Business



Employment Info

Career Outcomes

Business Management Direct Supervision (CG), Gainful Employment Disclosure

Business Management Direct Supervision (CPC), Gainful Employment Disclosure

Business Office Management Technology, Gainful Employment Disclosure