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Turn on the television news or pick up a newspaper on any given day and you'll likely learn of the latest economic forecast. From politicians to corporate managers - and even to individuals deciding if the time is right to finance a new car or home - an understanding of economics is useful. That's why people trained in economics are valuable employees. If you are undecided about a career plan, economics provides a broad course of study that will complement just about any field you eventually choose. Careers in areas such as marketing, retail merchandising, business administration, or public relations, combined with a solid economics background, will give you a big advantage when you start looking for that all-important first job.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Vincennes University Economics Department is to prepare students to engage in economic thinking and understand the importance of basic economic principles, including marginal thinking, incentives, opportunity costs, and economizing behavior.  Students will understand how these economic principles impact the economy on an international, national, and individual level. Course work provides the foundation for economic thinking that will serve them well as they pursue degrees at transfer institutions, enter the labor force, and engage in life-long learning in a diverse global environment.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete course work in the Economics program will be able to:     

  • apply the principles of economic thinking in their personal lives.

  • illustrate the principles of economic thinking as life-long learners.

  • demonstrate the principles of economic thinking in their professional career.

  • apply critical thinking skills to economic topics and issues.

The VU Advantage

  • Smaller class sizes, usually fewer than 30 students, which means easier access to professors.

  • Classes are conducted by qualified professors, not teaching assistants.

  • A better opportunity to master the fundamental principles that will carry you through your upper level classes.

  • Free tutoring.

  • The Social Science Learning Center which is a study skills laboratory staffed by full-time professionals.

  • Caring faculty with a personal approach to teaching.

We Want You to Succeed

All this professional attention is designed with one goal in mind - your academic success when you transfer to a four-year school to complete your baccalaureate degree.


Kristal Shick, Department Chair Economics/History/Political Science/Public Administration


Lakshmi Mahapatra, Professor of Economics


Career Outcomes

VU Economics faculty guide students to achieve academic and career goals by expanding learning opportunities beyond the classroom through:

  • Special speakers with real-world experiences
  • Small group experiential learning
  • Research projects

Occupational Outlook (Economists and Similar Occupations)

What Our Students Say

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“What I really loved about the economics program at VU is my professors really cared about my personal success. The small class sizes at VU meant I really got to know my professors and the other students in the classroom. The professors went out of their way to meet with me outside of class anytime there was something I didn’t quite understand."

Brianna Bump