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Welcome to the Chemistry Department at Vincennes University on the 3rd floor of Updike Hall!

The Department of Chemistry offers distinctive opportunities for you to learn chemistry regardless of the preparation you have had.  You will discover the principles of chemistry in a setting with dedicated faculty and small classes (fewer than 35 students and typically fewer than 20).  You will master practical laboratory techniques through an extensive laboratory curriculum in classes of 18 students or fewer.  You will thrive in a learning environment that is diverse and accommodating for everyone.  Members of the military, traditional (those just out of high school), non-traditional, returning, and employed students are just some examples.

Completion of a bachelor’s degree in the chemical science major is excellent preparation for careers in biochemistry, chemistry, clinical laboratory, dentistry, environmental health science, food science, optometry, pharmacy and veterinary science.  It is also superb preparation for students who want to enter medical and veterinary schools.  Chemists are in demand at research and teaching universities and for research and development in chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, and state and federal laboratories because graduates acquire an outstanding range of skills in mathematics, problem solving, data collection, data analysis, observation, teamwork, oral and written communication, and technical report writing.

Although the courses are rigorous, our chemistry students have time to enjoy projects related to their coursework and projects with real-world applications.   Some of these include silvering a glass bottle (CHEM 103), testing for pollutants and hardness in water or recovering copper (CHEM 105), tie-dying a t-shirt (CHEM 215).  Our chemistry club performs demonstrations including elephant toothpaste (see photos)!  The club has been active visiting the state police crime lab, raising money for charity (on pi day), and sponsoring the science smackdown on campus.



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Employment information:  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics for May 2017 the median annual wage for chemists was $74,740 and the median annual wage for materials scientists was $99,530.   The expected job growth is 7% over the next 10 years.  For more information:


Indiana/Illinois Biology  & Chemistry Teachers Workshop - Register Here

High School Lab Days      May  7-10  

Science Smackdown         April 27

Lab Coat Ceremony          April 21 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Celebrate Pi Day with the Chemistry Club!  Pie your favorite professor for a good cause. 

Student Work Opportunities (Applications open spring 2018)