The Vincennes University Agribusiness program focuses on growing young minds to be tomorrows leaders in today's agricultural industry. Within the agribusiness program we have a wide variety of degree/certificate options different students can pursue through this program, those are of the following:

  • Agribusiness Bachelor’s Degree - 
    • The Bachelors of Science in Technology with a concentration in Agribusiness (4 year degree) continues the education of students interested in Management Positions in Agribusiness. These students will be able to take courses in The Chicago Board of Trade, Farm Management, Ag-Policies, and Business Planning. Students finishing their Bachelorette are able to be more competitive in the marketplace.
  • Agribusiness AS Degree/Certificate - 
    • Agribusiness--the industries servicing agriculture or providing value-adding processes to agricultural products—accounts for one in six jobs and nearly one-fifth of the U.S... gross national product. Business from large multinational corporations to new input supply and emerging food manufacturing continue their strong demand for more employees with increased skills in Agribusiness. You have the option of stopping your education after getting this degree or continue on and get your Bachelor's degree below.
    • The Agribusiness Certificate is a one year certificate designed to be an additional certification to build on other non-agriculture degrees. Individuals that want a degree in another field but also want some additional education in the Agribusiness field can complete their Agribusiness Certificate in one year. A certificate in Agribusiness from Vincennes University will help prepare you for an entry-level job in the fertilizer industry, in farm management, or even in the seed business.
  • Agronomy Certificate - 
    • The Agronomy certificate includes a mixture of Agribusiness and Ag Transfer agronomy courses aimed at providing a foundation for students wanting to gain employment into the agronomy workforce. This certificate is designed for students who have completed the Agribusiness AS degree and want to add to their skill set as they continue in our Agribusiness Concentration, BS Technology degree.

With each of these degrees, it allows whoever is interested to branch out and develop their network and management skills. Included in our program, which is an option for our agribusiness students to take the next step into leadership is by joining our Vincennes University Agribusiness Club. Through our club, our members take the next step to developing young minds into successful leaders in the future.



The Agribusiness Club is open to any student enrolled with Vincennes University who has a passion for agriculture in any major! Our club is a Collegiate Farm Bureau, members work closely and are actively involved in Indiana Farm Bureau events and opportunities. Throughout the school year we have weekly meetings, cookouts, fundraisers, and trips (YF&R National Convention & various club trips in the past our club has toured: Purina and Monsanto).

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For more information about the program, please contact:

Susan Brocksmith

Agribusiness Program Chair


Professor Susan Brocksmith,
Program Coordinator