Student Success Center FAQ

What is the goal of the Student Success Center?
The Student Success Center will work with students to help define, clarify, and achieve academic, personal, and professional goals. We seek to help develop dynamic learning strategies to enhance academic success. We want to enable students to make informed choices regarding academic programs and career opportunities. Finally, we want to help students make academic and career transitions to assist in completing a certificate or diploma program.

What is the job of the Student Success Coordinators?

  • Help create an Academic Plan in Degree Works for students, especially General Studies-Exploring Majors.
  • Participate in START VU to help in the advising of students.
  • Coordinate methods to help students who are on academic probation to get back into good academic standing.
  • Refer students to appropriate on-campus services to address obstacles.
  • Follow-up on TAPS reports to offer outreach and support to students receiving alerts to increase their likelihood of academic success.
  • Academic Advisors for students in University College.
  • Provide encouragement and support for students who are referred or just seek help.
  • Serve as Academic Coaches for MyFoundations Lab to help students address basic skill deficiencies.

Will the Success Coordinators take the place of Faculty Advisors?
No. The coordinators will support faculty advisors by helping to develop a student’s academic Plan.  Once a plan has been developed, it is then up to the student to maintain contact with his/her faculty advisor to schedule courses on the Plan.

How do I set up an appointment to talk with someone at the Success Center? 
Call or e-mail a coordinator to make an appointment, or visit the Success Center: open Monday through Friday from 8:00 – 4:30 with evening hours yet to be determined.

Student Success Center


Vincennes University Student Success Center (SSC) is located in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) Room 159.


Contact the Student Success Program

812-888-2072 (fax)


Michelle Cummins, Assistant Professor in Mathematics, is the SSC Director.

Student Success Coordinators: John Livers, Gaye Walthall, Jennifer Kramer, and Kris Kitzinger.

Student Success Center staff actively promote student success and selection of career pathways by:

  • Providing additional advising to at-risk students, supporting academic advisors,
  • Promoting university-wide programming to help students be more self-aware, including the Student Success Seminar series,
  • Increasing student participation in campus life,
  • Contributing proactively to endeavors that support a positive learning community at VU,
  • Supporting efforts for greater communication among all University stake-holders.

The Center is dedicated to improving Vincennes University student’s persistence and degree/certificate completion. All VU students are welcome to take advantage of opportunities offered by SSC, including students in the Summer Bridge program. The SSC’s primary focus is to serve those students who enter VU with the greatest risk of not completing: students who may be undecided about a career path or major and those who need significant remediation. More information about the Student Success Center can be found in the FAQ.


Michelle Cummins, Director, LRC Rm. 157

Gaye Walthall, Coordinator, LRC Rm. 154

John Livers, Coordinator, LRC Rm. 158

Jennifer Kramer, Coordinator, LRC Rm. 153

Kris Kitzinger, Coordinator, LRC Rm. 149