Angie Valuch, Director, Academic Center for Excellence

Welcome to the newly organized
Academic Center for Excellence!

I encourage all VUJ students to come in to ACE and work with a professional tutor. Data proves students who regularly seek help see improvement in their grades. Furthermore, our knowledgeable library assistants can help you in finding that perfect research book. I also encourage you to sit with a Student Success Coordinator and talk about strategies for college success. As a college administrator, teacher, and advisor, it is my goal to make sure each student we assist receives a positive educational outcome.

“Through ACE, we can do great things together!”

Angie has worked in the education field for over 2 decades. Starting as a preschool teacher, she has worked her way up teaching students at the elementary school level and on through college. She has an A.S. degree from VUJ, two bachelor’s degrees from Oakland City University, and a Master’s in Public Service Administration from the University of Evansville. She enjoys reaching out to the university community and assisting with its many services. Often on campus or in the community, you will find her advocating for VUJ and its programming. Higher Education has become a passion for her. Not only is it her day job, but she feels like it is her calling.

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

ACE is a free resource for all VUJ students, faculty, and staff. The Center provides all users access to library materials and support as well as assisting students with free academic coaching (tutoring) services for campus course work and with Academic Success Coordinators who aid students by helping them stay on their educational pathways.

Library Assistance:

  • Research help for all Library users
  • Access to a wide selection of printed and electronic information sources
  • Off-campus access to the library's electronic resources for VU students, faculty, and staff
  • Wireless internet access
  • Computer usage with free black and white printing
  • Group study room with multimedia enrichments
  • Designated quiet study areas
  • Coffeeology 100 - Come grab a cup of hot brew before you study with us
  • Serve faculty and students by administering and proctoring VUJ makeup exams

Academic Coaching (Tutoring):

  • Homework collaboration with peer (student) and or professional (degree) coaches
  • Group coaching available
  • Online Tutoring
  • MLA & APA templates
  • Research-specific web resources
  • Provision of current educational YouTube videos, TEDx, IOS and Android app information and access
  • Math CDs Students can borrow a and take it home for extra practice
  • Computer Assistance

Student Success Coordinators:

  • Assist students in determining their academic, personal, and professional goals
  • Explore ways to assist students in developing special strategies for success
  • Help students to make informed choices regarding collegiate programs
  • Support students with advisement and course placement
  • Educate students with Degree Works and MyVU training
  • Collaboration with faculty for classroom training on Degree Works and Blackboard